How to Rock Singleness during the Holidays and New Year

No doubt dating in the holidays is hard if you are single. All those holiday parties, awkward work parties, and family get-togethers.

Here are a couple tips from your friends at The Catch on how to rock during this holiday season and New Years.


  • Be a yes wo(man).  Don’t avoid holidays parties or social functions because you are dateless.  What ends up happening if you flake out is you end up alone,  being a couch potato and pack on those calories while watching your favorite show reruns.  Sure you may get the “oh you don’t have a date?” from your annoying aunt or friend,  but there is more to gain than lose here.  For one, you can get creative on your response with excuses like – yeah I just broke up with him/her,  I’m focused on me right now and doing really well with my career or even snarky like “I’m all about casual dating.”  And there is always that chance that you may meet that him/her at the restaurant or bar you are at and you guys can bond over spiked egg nog.  No one to kiss at midnight?  There could be a handsome stranger waiting for you.
  • Be Open Minded.  We all have that perfect man or woman we want to take home for the holidays and kiss on New Years. For most of my early 20s I was focused too much on just looks and not the brain.  All I ended up with was a lower IQ and always feeling fat.  Make your resolution about finding the one that can make you laugh.  Swipe right on that guy and then actually do follow up in a convo – I know it’s hard but you can do it!
  • Reach out to Old Friends.  Don’t be the guy/girl who does those massive text messages that say something impersonal and generic like “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year”.  Actually take the time out to reach out individually to people whom you lost touch with,  catch up with them, and chances are they may have some new friends that may lead to a potential date.
  • Go Grocery Shopping and look damn good.  There have been countless times when I have been picked up at a grocery store.  Why? You usually are alone and usually find a lot of single people shopping as well.  In any case, the single ones are easy to spot based on their shopping cart.  If you are bold enough ask a guy in the fruit aisle “how do you know if a mango is ripe?”



  • Do Something New –  go into your Facebook events and find something interesting that you won’t normally do and do it!  For example Morning Glory, a yoga class, Aerial Silks, hip hop.
  • Workout.  Working out releases endorphins,  and endorphins make you happy.  The more you work out the better you feel about yourself and it shows in your confidence, and confidence scores more dates.

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Most Eligible Filipino Men and Women

Who are the most eligible singles in the Phillippines?

The Catch, a popular dating app that has gotten a lot of great traction in San Francisco and Los Angeles,  just launched in the Phillippines.

How Does The Catch Work? The Catch gives the main control to the female user, it is also a multi-player game where women get to ask men questions they care about. Up to four men are hand-picked for each game based on their profiles. Unlike other apps, the male contestants are able to avoid open rejection, as their answers are anonymous, enabling personality to be as important as appearance and credentials.

“Dating is much more than just a swipe right or left based on looks.  People are made to feel special and important in the act of getting to know each other, which is why The Bachelor is so successful. Both bring back essence of dating, chivalry, flirtation, and capture first date jitters through their gaming concept ending with a process of elimination.”says Chris Bukowski, famed alumnus of the hit TV Show “The Bachelor” franchise, and The Catch supporter.”

The app has put together a list of the hottest bachelor and bachelorettes that live in the Phillippines or are Filipino. In no particular order here they are below:

Catherine Ocariz, Age 28 


Current Residence or City: Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila, Philippines
Work: Real Estate Professional
3 Things You Look for in a guy/girl
    Well travelled, Driven, God fearing
Pet peeves: chain smoker, takes way too much selfies of himself, shortcut text messaging
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nikki Lazaro, Age 30


Location: Manila, Philippines
Work: Manager in an FMCG company
3 things I look for in a guy:
    driven, good sense of humor, grounded/respectful
Pet peeves: being late, people driving like there are no other cars on the road,  people texting while you’re talking to them
Favorite food: dessert, dessert, and more dessert
Favorite band: Coldplay

Location: Nestle Philippines
3 things I look for in a woman:
    has a kind heart, smart & articulate but fun, has passions in life
Pet peeves: Someone who always has to be right, People who hate and are mean to kids, Shallow-minded people
Favorite food: Spanish & Japanese
Favorite band: PHOENIX

Gisa Paredes, Age 30
Residence: Quezon City, Metro Manila
Work: Psychologist, Founder of Healing Minds PH
3 things I look for in a guy:
      Spirituality (not religiosity), humor, intellect
Pet peeves: poor manners (table manners and basic delicadeza)
Favorite food: Japanese
Favorite band: None in particular. Favorite album — The miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Philip Pratte, Age: 29
Current Residence or City: Makati
Work: Managing Director for Micro-financing firm
3 Things You Look for in a girl:
Active and healthy lifestyle, Spontaneous, Considerate, I  will sneak a 4th one in, attractive :p
Pet peeves: inconsiderate people
Favorite Food: Probably the most difficult question here. It varies but I am in a            Spanish/Mexican phase now
Favorite Band: From Phoenix to old school Chainsmokers mixes (before they got famous). A lot of variety.

Patricia Marie V. Pedico, Age 23
Current Residence: Malabon
Work: Customer Service Representative
3 things you look for a guy:
   Loyal, Responsible, Funny, Chubby
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Favorite Band: The Script

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