Happy Valentine’s Day! Top Bachelor and Bachelorettes in Santa Barbara

Today is national love day,  dreaded among all singletons everywhere.  What are your V-Day plans?  We recommend keeping busy, hitting up the gym, a thriller movie or catching up on your tv shows.  Billions Season 2, Episode 1 just came out,  if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend it!

The Catch got a lot of Klout thanks to our amazing ambassadors at UCSB,  CEO Shannon Ong is also an alumnus there so no doubt we have some good looking ladies and gents at the school, who are they? Here are just a few of them below!

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Work: South Coast Deli, Student
3 things I look for in a Guy:
    makes me laugh, great smile, I can tease them/joke around
Pet peeves: rude, ignorant or unnecessarily mean people
Favorite food: extra crunchy peanut butter, but I also put hot sauce on literally everything
Favorite band: Fleetwood Mac, Tame Impala, The Beatles, J. Cole, Chance the Rapper, Solange Knowles, Missy Elliot

Jack Flowers, Age 19


Location: Ojai, CA
Work: Service assistant at the UCEN
3 things I look for in a girl:
   a person who thinks of themselves, someone who is interested in cool hobbies, and someone with high cheek bones
Pet peeves: tailgating
Favorite food: crab
Favorite band: Gorillaz

Kaelyn Tomkins, Age 21


Current Residence or City: Santa Barbara, CA
Work: Starbucks
3 Things You Look for in a guy
    Sarcasm, honesty, humor
Pet peeves: stopping in the middle of crowds
Favorite Food: pot roast
Current Residence or City: Isla Vista, Goleta
Work: CEO at PockyFix Mobile Repair, marketing intern for TheCatch
3 Things You Look for in a girl
    kindness, maturity, self discipline and hygiene
Pet peeves:false accusations can be quite annoying,  people throwing attitudes towards me, someone cries over trivial things
Favorite Food:Asian food in general, from dumplings to ramen, fried rice to sushi
Favorite Band:  listen to all types, but if had to choose Big Bang from Korea

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