Netflix & Chill Perfect Flicks For Valentine’s Day

Netflix and chill is a powerful sexual setup; it allows you to be close with your partner relaxed. Here are the ten perfect flicks on this neat little streaming service, which contains sexy twists indie -ish vibe.

#10 Adventureland

Aah.. who doesn’t love awkward romances to get them in the mood. That’s Adventureland in a nutshell, but it pays enormous dividends when as if by Hollywood magic, something clicks, and  Elise turns from Gorgish flounders to full-blown sex fish.

Adventureland is sweet, genuine, and hilarious. There’s a reality to the central relationship that says welcome as it is uncommon in your usual comedy, and it’s sure to fan the flames of any potential romance with the hole.

#9 They Came Together

Are you looking for a tale of romance, yet you’re cynical of romantic comedies? Then 2014’s They Came Together might be right up your street. The film is a biting parody of the traditional rom-com finding humor in the genre’s schmaltzy absurdity. 

Molly and Joel meet when Joel’s corporate Candy Company threatens to shut down Molly’s quirky indie candy shop. Predictably the two fall in love, but the relationship doesn’t last long before it’s hit with some serious turbulence. The whole thing is entirely tongue-in-cheek, recognizing and subverting traditional rom-com tropes while remaining simultaneously intimate yet raunchy.

They came together is the perfect pick if you and your date are looking for a romantic comedy with a difference or if you’re trying to broadcast subliminal messages via the title.

#8 Chocolat

2000’s Chocolat tells the story of Juliet, who opens up a chocolate shop in a repressed French village changing the lives of everyone who lives there through her delicious confectionery. Later, Johnny Depp shows up in the village, and the two begin a passionate fling. 

The whole film is entirely sensual as a metaphor for sexual desire from the foreign setting to the real chocolate. Chocolat is so smooth and exotic that it’s tough to resist. It’s a sweet aphrodisiac, and all of the chocolate on display is bound to give viewers an appetite for something a bit more than a bar of Cadbury’s.

#7 Serendipity

When it comes to a slightly more vintage rom-com then Serendipity is a great pick. The premise might be cheesy, following two people who become attracted to each other despite already having partners and deciding that if they’re ever to meet again, they’ll fall in love. But the relationship between Jonathon and Sarah is entirely captivating. 

Serendipity trades explicit sex jokes in general tackiness for genuine humor and tenderness. There’s a magic to the uncertainty that is sure to leap from the screen to reality resulting in something memorable.

#6 Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky sees Tom Cruise’s David disfigured in a car crash. It begins with him telling his life story in a court of law. That might seem a bit severe for Valentine’s Day, but the flashback which makes up the whole of the film contains a genuinely enthralling love story, and there are more than enough mysteries to keep things exciting. 

There’s also the fact that the movie makes Tom Cruise seem like a bit of a d*ck, meaning that your date will see you as vastly more likable, leading to a boost in self-confidence for both parties.

#5 Amelie

If French is the language of love, then watch Amelie as it’s one of my favorite films of all time and follows a shy waitress who attempts to change the lives of those around her for the better. The movie is airy and whimsical while being frequently sweet and funny. It contains a central mystery that ends in romance, so it’s the perfect thing to build to a bit of amorous tension and intrigue, with Amelie as possible to appear artsy and cultured while getting to enjoy a legitimately charming film. You really can’t go wrong.

#4 Blue Is The Warmest Color

Blue Is The Warmest Color is a French romantic coming-of-age drama about two teenagers who gradually become romantically involved, freely exploring their sexuality. The movie is a masterful study of what it’s like to gain confidence in your sexual identity and promote openness and honesty amongst people regarding their wants and desires. Clocking in almost three hours even your date is very likely to become distracted at some point during its rather explicit run, Blue Is The Warmest Color is so liberating it’s bound to prompt a frank, open conversation about whether or not this Netflix is going to lead to any chill.

#3 Punch Drunk Love

If, for some reason, your date fancies watching an Adam Sandler film, then don’t worry here is some slop for you to stick on and hope they get a clue. 

Punch Drunk Love follows Adam Sandler as the painfully socially anxious Barry Egan and his journey towards self-worth.

#2 The English Teacher

Released in 2013, The English Teacher stars Julianne Moore as the titular educator Linda Sinclair who lives in Kingston, Pennsylvania. When a former pupil shows up after failing to succeed as a playwright, Linda convinces him to produce his play at her school. Things get complicated when the two wind up sleeping together, culminating in a passionate secretive affair. 

Throughout the movie, there are plenty of great gags. As ever, it’s impossible to fault Moore’s performance more importantly though the whole thing is deliciously to move touching on fantasies and repressed desire. It’s the perfect movie to make two people throw caution to the wind and just get down to business.


#1 The Wolf Of Wolfstreet

This movie glorifies sex, partying, and fast living so intensely that it’s practically impossible not to become a little enticed to it all yourself besides there’s only so long that you can stare at Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie before becoming borderline aroused at the very least. 

If you and your date have already seen the movie, you’re in luck. The film’s extreme length, precisely three hours, and frantic presentation are likely to stir The Wolf of Wang Street into action. And if you haven’t, the first watch is potent enough to make the vast majority of people a little impulsive.