How To Play

The Catch is a game where Ladies get to pick and choose which Gents get to play their game. It is a question and answer game where the winner, after 3 question rounds, gets to chat with their Catch!

For the Ladies

1. To create a game, simply click on “New Game” from the menu. Questions will be pre-populated to help ease the process, but feel free to edit them using the provided question selection buttons on the right.

2. Start Game!  Hit “create game” and the men who you have previously matched with will get notified!  The men then have 24 hours to opt in your game and answer the questions. Games can only include up to 4 gents per game.

3. You will be notified when the game timer is complete to rank your game.  

4. Rank the answers based on your own preference using the icons provided.

5. Once you have ranked all 3 rounds, your winner is revealed and will be added to your chat list.

For the Gents

1. Once you get an invite to a game, you may choose to join. Note that you may play more than one game at a time. Be quick to accept because spaces are limited! You may be proactive and swipe on ladies under “swipe matches.”  If you do swipe right on her and she comes across your profile, a heart icon will show.  

2. You have 24 hours to answer the questions before the timer runs out.  Although you both see each other’s profile and pic before, your answers are anonymous, so she doesn’t know which answer is yours.

3. Your lady ranks your answers each round based on her personal preference. Be honest with your answers, but don’t be shy to add a little bit of fun flair.

4. Get the highest score, and win, to chat with your Catch!

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